package scalaz

Scalaz: Type classes and pure functional data structures for Scala.

This package, scalaz, contains:

Type class instances and other functions related to the Scala and Java standard library are in scalaz.scalaz.std

Implicit conversions and wrapper classes that provide a more convenient syntax for accessing the functionality of the library are in scalaz.scalaz.syntax.

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Type Members

  1. case class -\/[+A](a: A) extends \/[A, Nothing] with Product with Serializable

  2. type <~[+F[_], -G[_]] = NaturalTransformation[G, F]

    A scalaz.NaturalTransformation[G, F].

  3. sealed abstract class ==>>[A, B] extends AnyRef

  4. type =?>[-E, +A] = Kleisli[Option, E, A]

  5. type @>[A, B] = LensFamily[A, A, B, B]

  6. type @?>[A, B] = PLensFamily[A, A, B, B]

  7. type @@[+T, Tag] = T with Tagged[Tag]

    Tag a type T with Tag.

    Tag a type T with Tag. The resulting type is a subtype of T.

    The resulting type is used to discriminate between type class instances.

    See also

    scalaz.Tag and scalaz.Tags

    Credit to Miles Sabin for the idea.

  8. abstract class Adjunction[F[_], G[_]] extends AnyRef

    An adjunction formed by two functors F and G such that F is left-adjoint to G.

  9. trait AdjunctionFunctions extends AnyRef

  10. trait AdjunctionInstances extends AnyRef

  11. sealed trait Alpha extends AnyRef

    An algebraic data type representing the characters 'a' to 'z'

  12. trait AlphaFunctions extends AnyRef

  13. trait AlphaInstances extends AnyRef

  14. type Alternative[F[_]] = ApplicativePlus[F]

  15. trait Applicative[F[_]] extends Apply[F]

    Applicative Functor, described in Applicative Programming with Effects

  16. trait ApplicativePlus[F[_]] extends Applicative[F] with PlusEmpty[F]

    scalaz.Applicative combined with scalaz.PlusEmpty.

  17. trait Apply[F[_]] extends Functor[F]

    scalaz.Applicative without point.

  18. trait Arrow[=>:[_, _]] extends Split[=>:] with Profunctor[=>:]

    A scalaz.Category supporting all ordinary functions, as well as combining arrows product-wise.

  19. trait BKTreeFunctions extends AnyRef

  20. trait BKTreeInstances extends AnyRef

  21. trait BiConstrainedNaturalTransformation[F[_, _], G[_, _], C[_], E[_]] extends AnyRef

    A constrained transformation natural in both sides of a bifunctor

  22. trait BiNaturalTransformation[-F[_, _], +G[_, _]] extends AnyRef

    A function universally quantified over two parameters.

  23. trait Bifoldable[F[_, _]] extends AnyRef

    A type giving rise to two unrelated scalaz.Foldables.

  24. trait Bifunctor[F[_, _]] extends AnyRef

    A type giving rise to two unrelated scalaz.Functors.

  25. sealed trait BijectionT[F[+_], G[+_], A, B] extends AnyRef

  26. trait BijectionTFunctions extends AnyRef

  27. trait BijectionTInstances extends AnyRef

  28. trait Bind[F[_]] extends Apply[F]

    An scalaz.Apply functor, where a lifted function can introduce new values _and_ new functor context to be incorporated into the lift context.

  29. trait Bitraverse[F[_, _]] extends Bifunctor[F] with Bifoldable[F]

    A type giving rise to two unrelated scalaz.Traverses.

  30. sealed trait CaseInsensitive[A] extends AnyRef

  31. trait CaseInsensitiveInstances extends AnyRef

  32. trait Catchable[F[_]] extends AnyRef

    A context in which exceptions can be caught and thrown.

  33. trait Category[=>:[_, _]] extends Compose[=>:]

    scalaz.Compose with identity.

  34. sealed trait CharSet extends AnyRef

    Newtype for strings representing character sets.

  35. trait CharSetFunctions extends AnyRef

  36. trait Choice[=>:[_, _]] extends Category[=>:]

  37. trait Cobind[F[_]] extends Functor[F]

  38. trait Codensity[F[+_], +A] extends AnyRef

  39. case class Cofree[S[+_], +A](head: A, tail: S[Cofree[S, A]])(implicit S: Functor[S]) extends Product with Serializable

    A cofree comonad for some functor S, i.

  40. trait CofreeFunctions extends AnyRef

  41. trait CofreeInstances extends AnyRef

  42. trait Cohoist[F[_[_], _]] extends ComonadTrans[F]

  43. trait Cojoin[F[_]] extends Functor[F]

  44. trait Cokleisli[F[_], A, B] extends AnyRef

  45. trait CokleisliFunctions extends AnyRef

  46. trait CokleisliInstances extends CokleisliInstances0

  47. trait CokleisliInstances0 extends AnyRef

  48. trait Comonad[F[_]] extends Cojoin[F] with Cobind[F]

  49. trait ComonadStore[F[_, _], S] extends Comonad[[x]F[S, x]]

  50. trait ComonadTrans[F[_[_], _]] extends AnyRef

  51. trait Compose[=>:[_, _]] extends AnyRef

  52. trait ConstrainedNaturalTransformation[F[_], G[_], E[_]] extends AnyRef

    A constrained natural transformation

  53. type Cont[R, +A] = IndexedContsT[scalaz.Id.Id, scalaz.Id.Id, R, R, A]

  54. type ContT[M[+_], R, +A] = IndexedContsT[scalaz.Id.Id, M, R, R, A]

  55. trait Contravariant[F[_]] extends AnyRef

    Contravariant functors.

  56. type Conts[W[+_], R, +A] = IndexedContsT[W, scalaz.Id.Id, R, R, A]

  57. type ContsT[W[+_], M[+_], R, +A] = IndexedContsT[W, M, R, R, A]

  58. sealed trait Coproduct[F[+_], G[+_], A] extends AnyRef

    F on the left, and G on the right, of scalaz.\/.

  59. trait CoproductFunctions extends AnyRef

  60. trait CoproductInstances extends AnyRef

  61. trait CoproductInstances0 extends CoproductInstances

  62. trait CoproductInstances1 extends CoproductInstances0

  63. sealed trait Cord extends Ops[FingerTree[Int, String]]

    A Cord is a purely functional data structure for efficiently storing and manipulating Strings that are potentially very long.

  64. abstract class Corepresentable[F[_], X] extends AnyRef

    Corepresentable functors

  65. trait Cozip[F[_]] extends AnyRef

  66. trait DList[A] extends AnyRef

    Difference lists: a data structure for O(1) append on lists.

  67. trait DListFunctions extends AnyRef

  68. trait DListInstances extends AnyRef

  69. trait DiNaturalTransformation[F[_, _], G[_, _]] extends AnyRef

  70. sealed trait Diev[A] extends AnyRef

    Implementation of a Discrete Interval Encoding Tree that is actually implemented using a Vector and is balanced at all times as a result.

  71. trait DievFunctions extends DievImplementation

  72. trait DievImplementation extends AnyRef

  73. trait DievInstances extends DievImplementation

  74. sealed trait Digit extends AnyRef

    An algebraic data type representing the digits 0 - 9

  75. trait DigitFunctions extends AnyRef

  76. trait DigitInstances extends AnyRef

  77. trait DisjunctionFunctions extends AnyRef

  78. trait DisjunctionInstances extends DisjunctionInstances0

  79. trait DisjunctionInstances0 extends DisjunctionInstances1

  80. trait DisjunctionInstances1 extends DisjunctionInstances2

  81. trait DisjunctionInstances2 extends DisjunctionInstances3

  82. trait DisjunctionInstances3 extends AnyRef

  83. trait Distributive[F[_]] extends Functor[F]

    Dual of scalaz.Traverse.

  84. trait DistributiveFunctions extends AnyRef

  85. trait DualInstances extends AnyRef

  86. trait DualInstances0 extends AnyRef

  87. trait Each[F[_]] extends AnyRef

    Run a side effect once for each A in the F.

  88. sealed trait Either3[+A, +B, +C] extends AnyRef

  89. sealed trait EitherT[F[+_], +A, +B] extends AnyRef

    Represents a computation of type F[A \/ B].

  90. trait EitherTFunctions extends AnyRef

  91. trait EitherTInstances extends EitherTInstances0

  92. trait EitherTInstances0 extends EitherTInstances1

  93. trait EitherTInstances1 extends AnyRef

  94. sealed trait Endo[A] extends AnyRef


  95. trait EndoFunctions extends AnyRef

  96. trait EndoInstances extends AnyRef

  97. trait Enum[F] extends Order[F]

    An scalaz.Orderable with discrete values.

  98. sealed trait EphemeralStream[A] extends AnyRef

    Like scala.collection.immutable.Stream, but doesn't save computed values.

  99. trait EphemeralStreamFunctions extends AnyRef

  100. trait EphemeralStreamInstances extends AnyRef

  101. trait Equal[F] extends AnyRef

    A type safe alternative to universal equality (scala.Any#==).

  102. final case class Failure[E, A](e: E) extends Validation[E, A] with Product with Serializable

  103. sealed abstract class Finger[V, A] extends AnyRef

  104. sealed abstract class FingerTree[V, A] extends AnyRef

    Finger trees with leaves of type A and Nodes that are annotated with type V.

  105. trait FingerTreeFunctions extends AnyRef

  106. trait FingerTreeInstances extends AnyRef

  107. type FirstOf[A] = A with Tagged[FirstVal]

  108. type FirstOption[A] = Option[A] with Tagged[First]

  109. trait FoldCase[A] extends AnyRef

  110. trait FoldCaseInstances extends AnyRef

  111. trait Foldable[F[_]] extends AnyRef

    A type parameter implying the ability to extract zero or more values of that type.

  112. trait Foldable1[F[_]] extends Foldable[F]

    A scalaz.Foldable where foldMap is total over semigroups.

  113. trait Forall[P[_]] extends AnyRef

    A universally quantified value

  114. trait Foralls extends AnyRef

  115. case class Four[V, A](v: V, a1: A, a2: A, a3: A, a4: A)(implicit r: Reducer[A, V]) extends Finger[V, A] with Product with Serializable

  116. sealed abstract class Free[S[+_], +A] extends AnyRef

    A free operational monad for some functor S.

  117. trait FreeFunctions extends AnyRef

  118. trait FreeInstances extends TrampolineInstances with SinkInstances with SourceInstances

  119. trait Functor[F[_]] extends AnyRef

    Functors, covariant by nature if not by Scala type.

  120. trait Generator[C[_]] extends AnyRef

    A Generator[C] is a container of elements, and which knows how to efficiently apply a scalaz.Reducer to extract an answer by combining elements.

  121. trait Generators extends AnyRef

  122. sealed trait Heap[A] extends AnyRef

    An efficient, asymptotically optimal, implementation of priority queues extended with support for efficient size.

  123. trait HeapFunctions extends AnyRef

  124. trait HeapInstances extends AnyRef

  125. trait Hoist[F[_[_], _]] extends MonadTrans[F]

  126. type IRWS[-R, +W, -S1, +S2, +A] = IndexedReaderWriterStateT[scalaz.Id.Id, R, W, S1, S2, A]

  127. type IRWST[F[+_], -R, +W, -S1, +S2, +A] = IndexedReaderWriterStateT[F, R, W, S1, S2, A]

  128. trait IdInstances extends AnyRef

    Mixed into object Id in the package object scalaz.

  129. final case class IdT[F[_], A](run: F[A]) extends Product with Serializable

  130. trait IdTFunctions extends AnyRef

  131. trait IdTInstances extends IdTInstances0

  132. trait IdTInstances0 extends IdTInstances1

  133. trait IdTInstances1 extends IdTInstances2

  134. trait IdTInstances2 extends IdTInstances3

  135. trait IdTInstances3 extends AnyRef

  136. trait ImmutableArray[+A] extends AnyRef

    An immutable wrapper for arrays

  137. trait ImmutableArrayFunctions extends AnyRef

  138. sealed trait IndSeq[A] extends Ops[FingerTree[Int, A]]

    Indexed sequences, based on scalaz.FingerTree

  139. trait Index[F[_]] extends AnyRef

    Random access through an integer index.

  140. type IndexedCont[+R, -O, +A] = IndexedContsT[scalaz.Id.Id, scalaz.Id.Id, R, O, A]

  141. type IndexedContT[M[+_], +R, -O, +A] = IndexedContsT[scalaz.Id.Id, M, R, O, A]

  142. type IndexedConts[W[+_], +R, -O, +A] = IndexedContsT[W, scalaz.Id.Id, R, O, A]

  143. sealed trait IndexedContsT[W[+_], M[+_], +R, -O, +A] extends AnyRef

  144. trait IndexedContsTFunctions extends AnyRef

  145. trait IndexedContsTInstances extends IndexedContsTInstances0

  146. trait IndexedContsTInstances0 extends AnyRef

  147. type IndexedReaderWriterState[-R, +W, -S1, +S2, +A] = IndexedReaderWriterStateT[scalaz.Id.Id, R, W, S1, S2, A]

  148. sealed trait IndexedReaderWriterStateT[F[+_], -R, +W, -S1, +S2, +A] extends AnyRef

    A monad transformer stack yielding (R, S1) => F[(W, A, S2)].

  149. trait IndexedReaderWriterStateTInstances extends AnyRef

  150. type IndexedState[-S1, +S2, +A] = IndexedStateT[scalaz.Id.Id, S1, S2, A]

  151. trait IndexedStateFunctions extends AnyRef

  152. trait IndexedStateT[F[+_], -S1, +S2, +A] extends AnyRef

  153. trait IndexedStateTFunctions extends AnyRef

  154. trait IndexedStateTInstances extends IndexedStateTInstances0

  155. trait IndexedStateTInstances0 extends IndexedStateTInstances1

  156. trait IndexedStateTInstances1 extends IndexedStateTInstances2

  157. trait IndexedStateTInstances2 extends AnyRef

  158. type IndexedStore[+I, -A, +B] = IndexedStoreT[scalaz.Id.Id, I, A, B]

  159. sealed trait IndexedStoreT[F[+_], +I, -A, +B] extends AnyRef

  160. trait IndexedStoreTFunctions extends AnyRef

  161. trait IndexedStoreTInstances extends IndexedStoreTInstances0

  162. trait IndexedStoreTInstances0 extends IndexedStoreTInstances1

  163. trait IndexedStoreTInstances1 extends IndexedStoreTInstances2

  164. trait IndexedStoreTInstances2 extends AnyRef

  165. case class Injective[T[_]]() extends Product with Serializable

    Given Injective[Foo]: If type Foo[A] = Foo[B] then A ~ B

  166. case class Injective2[T[_, _]]() extends Product with Serializable

  167. case class Injective3[T[_, _, _]]() extends Product with Serializable

  168. case class Injective4[T[_, _, _, _]]() extends Product with Serializable

  169. case class Injective5[T[_, _, _, _, _]]() extends Product with Serializable

  170. sealed trait InsertionMap[K, V] extends AnyRef

    Returns a list in order of key insertion.

  171. trait InsertionMapFunctions extends AnyRef

  172. trait InsertionMapInstances extends AnyRef

  173. trait IsEmpty[F[_]] extends PlusEmpty[F]

    Typeclass that permits testing whether some type with an empty representation is in fact empty.

  174. trait IsomorphismApplicative[F[_], G[_]] extends Applicative[F] with IsomorphismApply[F, G]

  175. trait IsomorphismApplicativePlus[F[_], G[_]] extends ApplicativePlus[F] with IsomorphismEmpty[F, G] with IsomorphismApplicative[F, G]

  176. trait IsomorphismApply[F[_], G[_]] extends Apply[F] with IsomorphismFunctor[F, G]

  177. trait IsomorphismBifunctor[F[_, _], G[_, _]] extends Bifunctor[F]

  178. trait IsomorphismBind[F[_], G[_]] extends Bind[F] with IsomorphismApply[F, G]

  179. trait IsomorphismBitraverse[F[_, _], G[_, _]] extends Bitraverse[F] with IsomorphismBifunctor[F, G]

  180. trait IsomorphismCojoin[F[_], G[_]] extends Cojoin[F] with IsomorphismFunctor[F, G]

  181. trait IsomorphismComonad[F[_], G[_]] extends Comonad[F] with IsomorphismCojoin[F, G]

  182. trait IsomorphismContravariant[F[_], G[_]] extends Contravariant[F]

  183. trait IsomorphismEach[F[_], G[_]] extends Each[F]

  184. trait IsomorphismEmpty[F[_], G[_]] extends PlusEmpty[F] with IsomorphismPlus[F, G]

  185. trait IsomorphismEqual[F, G] extends Equal[F]

  186. trait IsomorphismFoldable[F[_], G[_]] extends Foldable[F]

  187. trait IsomorphismFunctor[F[_], G[_]] extends Functor[F]

  188. trait IsomorphismIndex[F[_], G[_]] extends Index[F]

  189. trait IsomorphismMonad[F[_], G[_]] extends Monad[F] with IsomorphismApplicative[F, G] with IsomorphismBind[F, G]

  190. trait IsomorphismMonadPlus[F[_], G[_]] extends MonadPlus[F] with IsomorphismEmpty[F, G] with IsomorphismMonad[F, G]

  191. trait IsomorphismMonoid[F, G] extends Monoid[F] with IsomorphismSemigroup[F, G]

  192. trait IsomorphismOrder[F, G] extends Order[F]

  193. trait IsomorphismPlus[F[_], G[_]] extends Plus[F]

  194. trait IsomorphismSemigroup[F, G] extends Semigroup[F]

  195. trait IsomorphismShow[F, G] extends Show[F]

  196. trait IsomorphismTraverse[F[_], G[_]] extends Traverse[F] with IsomorphismFoldable[F, G] with IsomorphismFunctor[F, G]

  197. trait Isomorphisms extends IsomorphismsLow0

  198. trait IsomorphismsLow0 extends IsomorphismsLow1

  199. trait IsomorphismsLow1 extends AnyRef

  200. sealed trait Kleisli[M[+_], -A, +B] extends AnyRef

    Represents a function A => M[B].

  201. trait KleisliFunctions extends AnyRef

  202. trait KleisliInstances extends KleisliInstances0

  203. trait KleisliInstances0 extends KleisliInstances1

  204. trait KleisliInstances1 extends KleisliInstances2

  205. trait KleisliInstances2 extends KleisliInstances3

  206. trait KleisliInstances3 extends KleisliInstances4

  207. trait KleisliInstances4 extends KleisliInstances5

  208. trait KleisliInstances5 extends KleisliInstances6

  209. trait KleisliInstances6 extends KleisliInstances7

  210. trait KleisliInstances7 extends KleisliInstances8

  211. trait KleisliInstances8 extends AnyRef

  212. trait Konst[A] extends AnyRef

  213. type LastOf[A] = A with Tagged[LastVal]

  214. type LastOption[A] = Option[A] with Tagged[Last]

  215. sealed trait LazyEither[+A, +B] extends AnyRef

    scala.Either, but with a value by name.

  216. trait LazyEitherFunctions extends AnyRef

  217. trait LazyEitherInstances extends AnyRef

  218. sealed trait LazyEitherT[F[+_], +A, +B] extends AnyRef

  219. trait LazyEitherTFunctions extends AnyRef

  220. trait LazyEitherTInstances extends LazyEitherTInstances0

  221. trait LazyEitherTInstances0 extends LazyEitherTInstances1

  222. trait LazyEitherTInstances1 extends AnyRef

  223. sealed trait LazyOption[+A] extends AnyRef

    scala.Option, but with a value by name.

  224. trait LazyOptionFunctions extends AnyRef

  225. trait LazyOptionInstances extends AnyRef

  226. sealed trait LazyOptionT[F[+_], +A] extends AnyRef

  227. trait LazyOptionTFunctions extends AnyRef

  228. trait LazyOptionTInstances extends LazyOptionTInstances0

  229. trait LazyOptionTInstances0 extends LazyOptionTInstances1

  230. trait LazyOptionTInstances1 extends LazyOptionTInstances2

  231. trait LazyOptionTInstances2 extends AnyRef

  232. sealed trait LazyTuple2[A, B] extends AnyRef

    scala.Tuple2, but with values by name.

  233. trait LazyTuple2Instances extends LazyTuple2Instances0

  234. trait LazyTuple2Instances0 extends AnyRef

  235. sealed trait LazyTuple3[A, B, C] extends AnyRef

    scala.Tuple3, but with values by name.

  236. trait LazyTuple3Instances extends LazyTuple3Instances0

  237. trait LazyTuple3Instances0 extends AnyRef

  238. sealed trait LazyTuple4[A, B, C, D] extends AnyRef

    scala.Tuple4, but with values by name.

  239. trait LazyTuple4Instances extends LazyTuple4Instances0

  240. trait LazyTuple4Instances0 extends AnyRef

  241. trait LazyTupleFunctions extends AnyRef

  242. case class Left3[+A, +B, +C](a: A) extends Either3[A, B, C] with Product with Serializable

  243. trait Leibniz[-L, +H >: L, A >: L <: H, B >: L <: H] extends AnyRef

    Leibnizian equality: a better =:=

  244. trait LeibnizFunctions extends AnyRef

  245. trait LeibnizInstances extends AnyRef

  246. trait Length[F[_]] extends AnyRef

  247. type Lens[A, B] = LensFamily[A, A, B, B]

    A lens that doesn't transform the type of the record.

  248. sealed trait LensFamily[-A1, +A2, +B1, -B2] extends AnyRef

    A Lens Family, offering a purely functional means to access and retrieve a field transitioning from type B1 to type B2 in a record simultaneously transitioning from type A1 to type A2.

  249. trait LensFamilyFunctions extends AnyRef

  250. trait LensFunctions extends LensFamilyFunctions

  251. trait LensInstances extends LensInstances0

  252. trait LensInstances0 extends AnyRef

  253. trait Liskov[-A, +B] extends AnyRef

    Liskov substitutability: A better <:<

  254. trait LiskovFunctions extends AnyRef

  255. trait LiskovInstances extends AnyRef

  256. sealed case class ListT[M[+_], +A](underlying: M[List[A]]) extends Product with Serializable

    ListT monad transformer.

  257. trait ListTInstances extends ListTInstances1

  258. trait ListTInstances1 extends ListTInstances2

  259. trait ListTInstances2 extends AnyRef

  260. trait MapFunctions extends AnyRef

  261. sealed abstract class MapInstances extends AnyRef

  262. type MaxOf[A] = A with Tagged[MaxVal]

  263. type MaxOption[A] = Option[A] with Tagged[Max]

  264. sealed trait Memo[K, V] extends AnyRef

    A function memoization strategy.

  265. trait MemoFunctions extends AnyRef

  266. trait MemoInstances extends AnyRef

  267. case class Middle3[+A, +B, +C](b: B) extends Either3[A, B, C] with Product with Serializable

  268. type MinOf[A] = A with Tagged[MinVal]

  269. type MinOption[A] = Option[A] with Tagged[Min]

  270. trait Monad[F[_]] extends Applicative[F] with Bind[F]

    Monad, an scalaz.Applicative that also supports scalaz.Bind, circumscribed by the monad laws.

  271. trait MonadListen[F[_, _], W] extends MonadTell[F, W]

  272. trait MonadPartialOrder[G[_], F[_]] extends NaturalTransformation[F, G]

    This trait establishes a partial order among monads.

  273. trait MonadPartialOrderFunctions extends MonadPartialOrderFunctions1

  274. trait MonadPartialOrderFunctions1 extends AnyRef

  275. trait MonadPlus[F[_]] extends Monad[F] with ApplicativePlus[F]

  276. trait MonadReader[F[_, _], S] extends Monad[[x]F[S, x]]

  277. trait MonadState[F[_, _], S] extends Monad[[x]F[S, x]]

    The class of monads supporting the operations of scalaz.State.

  278. trait MonadTell[F[_, _], W] extends Monad[[+α]F[W, α]]

    The class of monads supporting write operations

  279. trait MonadTrans[F[_[_], _]] extends AnyRef

    Class of monad transformers.

  280. trait Monoid[F] extends Semigroup[F]

    Provides an identity element (zero) to the binary append operation in scalaz.Semigroup, subject to the monoid laws.

  281. sealed abstract class Name[+A] extends AnyRef

    Call by name

  282. trait NaturalTransformation[-F[_], +G[_]] extends AnyRef

    A universally quantified function, usually written as F ~> G, for symmetry with A => B.

  283. trait NaturalTransformations extends AnyRef

  284. sealed abstract class Need[+A] extends Name[A]

    Call by need

  285. sealed abstract class Node[V, A] extends AnyRef

  286. sealed trait NonEmptyList[+A] extends AnyRef

    A singly-linked list that is guaranteed to be non-empty.

  287. trait NonEmptyListFunctions extends AnyRef

  288. trait NonEmptyListInstances extends NonEmptyListInstances0

  289. trait NonEmptyListInstances0 extends AnyRef

  290. trait Nondeterminism[F[_]] extends Monad[F]

    A context supporting nondeterministic choice.

  291. case class One[V, A](v: V, a1: A)(implicit r: Reducer[A, V]) extends Finger[V, A] with Product with Serializable

  292. final case class OneAnd[F[_], A](head: A, tail: F[A]) extends Product with Serializable

  293. trait OneAndFunctions extends AnyRef

  294. sealed abstract class OneAndInstances extends OneAndInstances0

  295. sealed abstract class OneAndInstances0 extends OneAndInstances1

  296. sealed abstract class OneAndInstances1 extends OneAndInstances2

  297. sealed abstract class OneAndInstances2 extends OneAndInstances3

  298. sealed abstract class OneAndInstances3 extends OneAndInstances4

  299. sealed abstract class OneAndInstances4 extends OneAndInstances5

  300. sealed abstract class OneAndInstances5 extends AnyRef

  301. final case class OneOr[F[_], A](run: \/[F[A], A]) extends Product with Serializable

  302. trait OneOrFunctions extends AnyRef

  303. sealed abstract class OneOrInstances extends OneOrInstances0

  304. sealed abstract class OneOrInstances0 extends OneOrInstances1

  305. sealed abstract class OneOrInstances1 extends OneOrInstances2

  306. sealed abstract class OneOrInstances2 extends OneOrInstances3

  307. sealed abstract class OneOrInstances3 extends OneOrInstances4

  308. sealed abstract class OneOrInstances4 extends OneOrInstances5

  309. sealed abstract class OneOrInstances5 extends OneOrInstances6

  310. sealed abstract class OneOrInstances6 extends AnyRef

  311. final case class OptionT[F[+_], +A](run: F[Option[A]]) extends Product with Serializable

    OptionT monad transformer.

  312. trait OptionTFunctions extends AnyRef

  313. trait OptionTInstances extends OptionTInstances0

  314. trait OptionTInstances0 extends OptionTInstances1

  315. trait OptionTInstances1 extends OptionTInstances2

  316. trait OptionTInstances2 extends OptionTInstances3

  317. trait OptionTInstances3 extends AnyRef

  318. sealed trait OrdSeq[A] extends Ops[FingerTree[LastOption[A], A]]

    Ordered sequences, based on scalaz.FingerTree

  319. trait Order[F] extends Equal[F]

    Safer version of scala.math.Ordering.

  320. sealed abstract class Ordering extends AnyRef

    A ternary marker of how two values relate in an ordering.

  321. trait OrderingFunctions extends AnyRef

  322. trait OrderingInstances extends AnyRef

  323. type PIndexedState[-S1, +S2, +A] = IndexedStateT[scalaz.Id.Id, S1, S2, Option[A]]

  324. type PIndexedStateT[F[+_], -S1, +S2, +A] = IndexedStateT[F, S1, S2, Option[A]]

  325. type PLens[A, B] = PLensFamily[A, A, B, B]

    A partial lens that doesn't transform the type of the record.

  326. sealed trait PLensFamily[-A1, +A2, +B1, -B2] extends AnyRef

    Partial Lens Families, offering a purely functional means to access and retrieve an optional field transitioning from type B1 to type B2 in a record that is simultaneously transitioning from type A1 to type A2.

  327. trait PLensFamilyFunctions extends PLensInstances

  328. trait PLensFunctions extends PLensFamilyFunctions with PLensInstances

  329. trait PLensInstances extends AnyRef

  330. type PState[S, +A] = IndexedStateT[scalaz.Id.Id, S, S, Option[A]]

  331. type PStateT[F[+_], S, +A] = IndexedStateT[F, S, S, Option[A]]

  332. trait Plus[F[_]] extends AnyRef

    Universally quantified scalaz.Semigroup.

  333. trait PlusEmpty[F[_]] extends Plus[F]

    Universally quantified scalaz.Monoid.

  334. trait Profunctor[=>:[_, _]] extends AnyRef

    Profunctors are covariant on the right and contravariant on the left.

  335. type RWS[-R, +W, S, +A] = IndexedReaderWriterStateT[scalaz.Id.Id, R, W, S, S, A]

  336. type RWST[F[+_], -R, +W, S, +A] = IndexedReaderWriterStateT[F, R, W, S, S, A]

  337. case class Ranked[A](rank: Int, value: A) extends Product with Serializable

  338. type Reader[-E, +A] = Kleisli[scalaz.Id.Id, E, A]

  339. type ReaderT[F[+_], -E, +A] = Kleisli[F, E, A]

  340. type ReaderWriterState[-R, +W, S, +A] = IndexedReaderWriterStateT[scalaz.Id.Id, R, W, S, S, A]

  341. type ReaderWriterStateT[F[+_], -R, +W, S, +A] = IndexedReaderWriterStateT[F, R, W, S, S, A]

  342. trait ReaderWriterStateTFunctions extends AnyRef

  343. trait ReaderWriterStateTInstances extends IndexedReaderWriterStateTInstances

  344. sealed trait Reducer[C, M] extends AnyRef

    A Reducer[C,M] is a scalaz.Monoid[M] that maps values of type C through unit to values of type M.

  345. trait ReducerFunctions extends AnyRef

  346. trait ReducerInstances extends AnyRef

  347. abstract class Representable[F[_], X] extends AnyRef

    Representable functors, that is to say, those with isomorphisms to and from [a](X => a).

  348. trait RepresentableInstances extends AnyRef

  349. case class Right3[+A, +B, +C](c: C) extends Either3[A, B, C] with Product with Serializable

  350. sealed class Rope[A] extends Ops[FingerTreeIntPlus[ImmutableArray[A]]]

    Ropes or 'heavyweight Strings' are an alternative to Strings.

  351. final class RopeBuilder[A] extends Builder[A, Rope[A]]

  352. sealed class RopeCharW extends Ops[Rope[Char]]

  353. trait Semigroup[F] extends AnyRef

    An associative binary operation, circumscribed by type and the semigroup laws.

  354. trait Show[F] extends AnyRef

    A typeclass for conversion to textual representation, done via scalaz.Cord for efficiency.

  355. trait SinkInstances extends AnyRef

  356. trait SourceInstances extends AnyRef

  357. trait Split[=>:[_, _]] extends Category[=>:]

    A scalaz.Category permitting products.

  358. type State[S, +A] = IndexedStateT[scalaz.Id.Id, S, S, A]

    A state transition, representing a function S => (A, S).

  359. trait StateFunctions extends IndexedStateFunctions

  360. type StateT[F[+_], S, +A] = IndexedStateT[F, S, S, A]

    StateT Monad Transformer

    StateT Monad Transformer

    An introduction to the State Monad

  361. trait StateTFunctions extends IndexedStateTFunctions

  362. trait StateTInstances extends StateTInstances0

  363. trait StateTInstances0 extends StateTInstances1

  364. trait StateTInstances1 extends IndexedStateTInstances

  365. type Store[A, +B] = IndexedStoreT[scalaz.Id.Id, A, A, B]

  366. type StoreT[F[+_], A, +B] = IndexedStoreT[F, A, A, B]

  367. trait StoreTFunctions extends IndexedStoreTFunctions

  368. trait StoreTInstances extends StoreTInstances0

  369. trait StoreTInstances0 extends StoreTInstances1

  370. trait StoreTInstances1 extends StoreTInstances2

  371. trait StoreTInstances2 extends IndexedStoreTInstances

  372. sealed class StreamT[M[+_], +A] extends AnyRef

    StreamT monad transformer.

  373. trait StreamTInstances extends StreamTInstances0

  374. trait StreamTInstances0 extends StreamTInstances1

  375. trait StreamTInstances1 extends StreamTInstances2

  376. trait StreamTInstances2 extends AnyRef

  377. final case class Success[E, A](a: A) extends Validation[E, A] with Product with Serializable

  378. type Tagged[T] = AnyRef { type Tag = T }

  379. trait TheseFunctions extends AnyRef

  380. sealed abstract class TheseInstances extends TheseInstances0

  381. sealed abstract class TheseInstances0 extends TheseInstances1

  382. sealed abstract class TheseInstances1 extends AnyRef

  383. case class Three[V, A](v: V, a1: A, a2: A, a3: A)(implicit r: Reducer[A, V]) extends Finger[V, A] with Product with Serializable

  384. trait TrampolineInstances extends AnyRef

  385. trait Traverse[F[_]] extends Functor[F] with Foldable[F]

    Idiomatic traversal of a structure, as described in The Essence of the Iterator Pattern.

  386. trait Traverse1[F[_]] extends Traverse[F] with Foldable1[F]

    A scalaz.Traverse where traverse is total over scalaz.Applys.

  387. sealed trait Tree[A] extends AnyRef

    A multi-way tree, also known as a rose tree.

  388. trait TreeFunctions extends AnyRef

  389. trait TreeInstances extends AnyRef

  390. sealed trait TreeLoc[A] extends AnyRef

    A rose-tree zipper.

  391. trait TreeLocFunctions extends AnyRef

  392. trait TreeLocInstances extends AnyRef

  393. case class Two[V, A](v: V, a1: A, a2: A)(implicit r: Reducer[A, V]) extends Finger[V, A] with Product with Serializable

  394. trait Unapply[TC[_[_]], MA] extends AnyRef

    Represents a type MA that has been destructured into as a type constructor M[_] applied to type A, along with a corresponding type class instance TC[M].

  395. trait Unapply2[TC[_[_, _]], MAB] extends AnyRef

  396. trait Unapply21[TC[_[_, _], _], MAB] extends AnyRef

  397. trait Unapply2_0 extends AnyRef

  398. trait UnapplyCo[TC[_[_]], MA] extends AnyRef

    Unapply a covariant type constructor, maintaining the covariance

  399. trait UnapplyCo_0 extends UnapplyCo_1

  400. trait UnapplyCo_1 extends UnapplyCo_2

  401. trait UnapplyCo_2 extends UnapplyCo_3

  402. trait UnapplyCo_3 extends AnyRef

  403. trait UnapplyProduct[TC[_[_]], MA, MB] extends AnyRef

  404. trait Unapply_0 extends Unapply_1

  405. trait Unapply_1 extends Unapply_2

  406. trait Unapply_2 extends Unapply_3

  407. trait Unapply_3 extends Unapply_4

  408. trait Unapply_4 extends AnyRef

  409. trait UnionTypes extends AnyRef

    Union types using Curry-Howard isomorphism

  410. sealed trait UnitReducer[C, M] extends Reducer[C, M]

  411. type Unwriter[+W, +A] = UnwriterT[scalaz.Id.Id, W, A]

  412. sealed trait UnwriterT[F[+_], +U, +A] extends AnyRef

    This data type is isomorphic to WriterT, however, it is NOT a monad.

  413. trait UnwriterTFunctions extends AnyRef

  414. trait UnwriterTInstances extends UnwriterTInstances0

  415. trait UnwriterTInstances0 extends UnwriterTInstances1

  416. trait UnwriterTInstances1 extends UnwriterTInstances2

  417. trait UnwriterTInstances2 extends AnyRef

  418. trait Unzip[F[_]] extends AnyRef

  419. sealed trait Validation[+E, +A] extends AnyRef

    Represents either:

  420. trait ValidationFunctions extends AnyRef

  421. trait ValidationInstances extends ValidationInstances0

  422. trait ValidationInstances0 extends ValidationInstances1

  423. trait ValidationInstances1 extends ValidationInstances2

  424. trait ValidationInstances2 extends ValidationInstances3

  425. trait ValidationInstances3 extends AnyRef

  426. type ValidationNel[+E, +X] = Validation[NonEmptyList[E], X]

    An scalaz.Validation with a scalaz.NonEmptyList as the failure type.

    An scalaz.Validation with a scalaz.NonEmptyList as the failure type.

    Useful for accumulating errors through the corresponding scalaz.Applicative instance.

  427. final case class Value[+A](value: A) extends Need[A] with Product with Serializable

    Call by value

  428. sealed abstract class ViewL[S[_], A] extends AnyRef

    View of the left end of a sequence.

  429. sealed abstract class ViewR[S[_], A] extends AnyRef

    View of the right end of a sequence.

  430. sealed class WrappedRope[A] extends Ops[Rope[A]] with IndexedSeq[A] with IndexedSeqLike[A, WrappedRope[A]]

  431. type Writer[+W, +A] = WriterT[scalaz.Id.Id, W, A]

  432. sealed trait WriterT[F[+_], +W, +A] extends AnyRef

  433. trait WriterTFunctions extends AnyRef

  434. trait WriterTInstance5 extends WriterTInstances6

  435. trait WriterTInstances extends WriterTInstances0

  436. trait WriterTInstances0 extends WriterTInstances1

  437. trait WriterTInstances1 extends WriterTInstances2

  438. trait WriterTInstances10 extends WriterTInstances11

  439. trait WriterTInstances11 extends WriterTInstances12

  440. trait WriterTInstances12 extends AnyRef

  441. trait WriterTInstances2 extends WriterTInstances3

  442. trait WriterTInstances3 extends WriterTInstances4

  443. trait WriterTInstances4 extends WriterTInstance5

  444. trait WriterTInstances6 extends WriterTInstances7

  445. trait WriterTInstances7 extends WriterTInstances8

  446. trait WriterTInstances8 extends WriterTInstances9

  447. trait WriterTInstances9 extends WriterTInstances10

  448. trait Zap[F[_], G[_]] extends AnyRef

    Functors that annihilate each other.

  449. trait ZapInstances extends AnyRef

  450. trait Zip[F[_]] extends AnyRef

  451. sealed trait Zipper[+A] extends AnyRef

    Provides a pointed stream, which is a non-empty zipper-like stream structure that tracks an index (focus) position in a stream.

  452. trait ZipperFunctions extends AnyRef

  453. trait ZipperInstances extends AnyRef

  454. sealed abstract class \&/[A, B] extends Product with Serializable

  455. sealed trait \/[+A, +B] extends AnyRef

    Represents disjunction.

  456. case class \/-[+B](b: B) extends \/[Nothing, B] with Product with Serializable

  457. type |-->[+A, B] = IndexedStoreT[scalaz.Id.Id, B, B, A]

  458. type |>=|[G[_], F[_]] = MonadPartialOrder[G, F]

  459. type ~>[-F[_], +G[_]] = NaturalTransformation[F, G]

    A scalaz.NaturalTransformation[F, G].

  460. type ~~>[-F[_, _], +G[_, _]] = BiNaturalTransformation[F, G]

  461. type = Any

  462. type = Nothing

  463. sealed trait BKTree[A] extends AnyRef

    Burkhard-Keller trees provide an implementation of sets which apart from the ordinary operations also has an approximate member search, allowing you to search for elements that are of a distance n from the element you are searching for.

  464. trait Enumerator[F[_]] extends AnyRef

    An Enumerator[F] feeds data from an F to an iteratee

  465. sealed trait Input[E] extends AnyRef

    The input to an iteratee.

  466. sealed trait IterV[E, A] extends AnyRef

    A pure iteratee computation which is either done or needs more input

  467. sealed trait IterVM[M[+_], E, A] extends AnyRef

    Monadic Iteratees

  468. case class Iteratee[M[+_], E, A](value: M[IterVM[M, E, A]]) extends Product with Serializable


    (Since version 7.0.0) Scalaz 6 compatibility. Migrate to scalaz.iteratee.

  469. trait MetricSpace[F] extends AnyRef

    Useful metric spaces include the manhattan distance between two points, the Levenshtein edit distance between two strings, the number of edges in the shortest path between two nodes in an undirected graph and the Hamming distance between two binary strings.

Value Members

  1. object ==>> extends MapInstances with MapFunctions

  2. object Adjunction extends AdjunctionInstances with AdjunctionFunctions

  3. object Alpha extends AlphaFunctions with AlphaInstances

  4. object Applicative

  5. object ApplicativePlus

  6. object Apply

  7. object Arrow

  8. object BKTree extends BKTreeFunctions with BKTreeInstances

  9. object Bifoldable

  10. object Bifunctor

  11. object BijectionT extends BijectionTFunctions with BijectionTInstances

  12. object Bind

  13. object Bitraverse

  14. object BuildInfo extends Product with Serializable

  15. object CaseInsensitive extends CaseInsensitiveInstances

  16. object Catchable

  17. object Category

  18. object CharSet extends CharSetFunctions

  19. object Choice

  20. object Cobind

  21. object Codensity

  22. object Cofree extends CofreeFunctions with CofreeInstances with Serializable

  23. object Cohoist

  24. object Cojoin

  25. object Cokleisli extends CokleisliFunctions with CokleisliInstances

  26. object Comonad

  27. object ComonadStore

  28. object ComonadTrans

  29. object Compose

  30. object Cont extends IndexedContsTFunctions with IndexedContsTInstances

  31. object ContT extends IndexedContsTFunctions with IndexedContsTInstances

  32. object Contravariant

  33. object Conts extends IndexedContsTFunctions with IndexedContsTInstances

  34. object ContsT extends IndexedContsTFunctions with IndexedContsTInstances

  35. object Coproduct extends CoproductFunctions with CoproductInstances0

  36. object Cord

  37. object Cozip

  38. object DList extends DListFunctions with DListInstances

  39. object Diev extends DievInstances with DievFunctions

  40. object DievInterval

  41. object Digit extends DigitFunctions with DigitInstances

  42. object Distributive extends DistributiveFunctions

  43. object Dual extends DualInstances

  44. object Each

  45. object Either3

  46. object EitherT extends EitherTFunctions with EitherTInstances

  47. object Endo extends EndoFunctions with EndoInstances

  48. object Enum

  49. object EphemeralStream extends EphemeralStreamFunctions with EphemeralStreamInstances

  50. object Equal

  51. object FingerTree extends FingerTreeInstances with FingerTreeFunctions

  52. object FoldCase extends FoldCaseInstances

  53. object Foldable

  54. object Foldable1

  55. object Forall extends Foralls

  56. object Free extends FreeFunctions with FreeInstances

  57. object Functor

  58. object Generator extends Generators

  59. object Heap extends HeapFunctions with HeapInstances

  60. object Hoist

  61. val IRWS: IndexedReaderWriterState.type

  62. val IRWST: IndexedReaderWriterStateT.type

  63. object Id extends IdInstances

  64. object IdT extends IdTFunctions with IdTInstances with Serializable

  65. object ImmutableArray extends ImmutableArrayFunctions

  66. object IndSeq

  67. object Index

  68. object IndexedCont extends IndexedContsTFunctions with IndexedContsTInstances

  69. object IndexedContT extends IndexedContsTFunctions with IndexedContsTInstances

  70. object IndexedConts extends IndexedContsTFunctions with IndexedContsTInstances

  71. object IndexedContsT extends IndexedContsTFunctions with IndexedContsTInstances

  72. object IndexedReaderWriterState extends ReaderWriterStateTFunctions with ReaderWriterStateTInstances

  73. object IndexedReaderWriterStateT extends ReaderWriterStateTFunctions with ReaderWriterStateTInstances

  74. object IndexedState extends StateFunctions

  75. object IndexedStateT extends StateTFunctions with StateTInstances

  76. object IndexedStore

  77. object IndexedStoreT extends StoreTFunctions with StoreTInstances

  78. object Injectivity

  79. object InsertionMap extends InsertionMapFunctions with InsertionMapInstances

  80. object IsEmpty

  81. object Isomorphism extends Isomorphisms

  82. object Kleisli extends KleisliFunctions with KleisliInstances

  83. object LazyEither extends LazyEitherFunctions with LazyEitherInstances

  84. object LazyEitherT extends LazyEitherTFunctions with LazyEitherTInstances

  85. object LazyOption extends LazyOptionFunctions with LazyOptionInstances

  86. object LazyOptionT extends LazyOptionTFunctions with LazyOptionTInstances

  87. object LazyTuple extends LazyTupleFunctions

  88. object LazyTuple2 extends LazyTuple2Instances

  89. object LazyTuple3 extends LazyTuple3Instances

  90. object LazyTuple4 extends LazyTuple4Instances

  91. object Leibniz extends LeibnizInstances with LeibnizFunctions

  92. object Length

  93. object Lens extends LensFunctions with LensInstances

  94. object LensFamily extends LensFunctions with LensInstances

  95. object Liskov extends LiskovInstances with LiskovFunctions

  96. object ListT extends ListTInstances with Serializable

  97. object Memo extends MemoFunctions with MemoInstances

  98. object MetricSpace

  99. object Monad

  100. object MonadListen

  101. object MonadPartialOrder extends MonadPartialOrderFunctions

  102. object MonadPlus

  103. object MonadReader

  104. object MonadState

  105. object MonadTell

  106. object MonadTrans

  107. object Monoid

  108. object Name

  109. object NaturalTransformation extends NaturalTransformations

  110. object Need

  111. object NonEmptyList extends NonEmptyListFunctions with NonEmptyListInstances

  112. object Nondeterminism

  113. object OneAnd extends OneAndInstances with OneAndFunctions with Serializable

  114. object OneOr extends OneOrInstances with OneOrFunctions with Serializable

  115. object OptionT extends OptionTFunctions with OptionTInstances with Serializable

  116. object OrdSeq

  117. object Order

  118. object Ordering extends OrderingFunctions with OrderingInstances

  119. object PLens extends PLensFunctions with PLensInstances

  120. object PLensFamily extends PLensFunctions with PLensInstances

  121. object Plus

  122. object PlusEmpty

  123. object Profunctor

  124. val RWS: ReaderWriterState.type

  125. val RWST: ReaderWriterStateT.type

  126. object Reader

  127. object ReaderWriterState extends ReaderWriterStateTFunctions with ReaderWriterStateTInstances

  128. object ReaderWriterStateT extends ReaderWriterStateTFunctions with ReaderWriterStateTInstances

  129. object Reducer extends ReducerFunctions with ReducerInstances

  130. object Representable extends RepresentableInstances

  131. object Rope

  132. object Scalaz extends StateFunctions with ToTypeClassOps with ToDataOps with AllInstances with AllFunctions with ToAllStdOps with IdInstances

  133. object Semigroup

  134. object Show

  135. object Sink extends SinkInstances

  136. object Source extends SourceInstances

  137. object Split

  138. object State extends StateFunctions

  139. object StateT extends StateTFunctions with StateTInstances

  140. object Store

  141. object StoreT extends StoreTFunctions with StoreTInstances

  142. object StreamT extends StreamTInstances

  143. object Tag

  144. object Tags

    Type tags that are used to discriminate between alternative type class instances.

  145. object Trampoline extends TrampolineInstances

  146. object Traverse

  147. object Traverse1

  148. object Tree extends TreeFunctions with TreeInstances

  149. object TreeLoc extends TreeLocFunctions with TreeLocInstances

  150. object Unapply extends Unapply_0

  151. object Unapply2 extends Unapply2_0

  152. object Unapply21

  153. object UnapplyCo extends UnapplyCo_0

  154. object UnapplyProduct

  155. object UnionTypes extends UnionTypes

  156. object UnitReducer

  157. object Unwriter

  158. object UnwriterT extends UnwriterTFunctions with UnwriterTInstances

  159. object Unzip

  160. object Validation extends ValidationFunctions with ValidationInstances

  161. object Value extends Serializable

  162. object Writer

  163. object WriterT extends WriterTFunctions with WriterTInstances

  164. object Zap extends ZapInstances

  165. object Zip

  166. object Zipper extends ZipperFunctions with ZipperInstances

  167. object \&/ extends TheseInstances with TheseFunctions with Serializable

  168. object \/ extends DisjunctionInstances with DisjunctionFunctions

  169. package concurrent

  170. package effect

  171. package example

  172. implicit val idInstance: Traverse1[scalaz.Id.Id] with Each[scalaz.Id.Id] with Monad[scalaz.Id.Id] with Comonad[scalaz.Id.Id] with Cojoin[scalaz.Id.Id] with Distributive[scalaz.Id.Id] with Zip[scalaz.Id.Id] with Unzip[scalaz.Id.Id] with Cozip[scalaz.Id.Id]

  173. package iteratee

  174. package scalacheck

  175. package std

    Type Class instances for data structures in the Scala and Java standard libraries.

  176. package syntax

    Implicits to provide a convenient syntax to work with type classes and functions.

  177. package xml

Deprecated Value Members

  1. object IterV


    (Since version 7.0.0) Scalaz 6 compatibility. Migrate to scalaz.iteratee.

Inherited from AnyRef

Inherited from Any