package effect

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Type Members

  1. trait Dup[H[_[_]]] extends AnyRef

    Duplicate a handle in the parent region.

  2. trait DupFunctions extends AnyRef

  3. trait DupInstances extends AnyRef

  4. trait Effects extends ToAllEffectTypeClassOps with AllEffectInstances

  5. sealed trait FinalizerHandle[R[_]] extends AnyRef

    A handle to a finalizer that allows you to duplicate it to a parent region using "dup".

  6. trait FinalizerHandleFunctions extends AnyRef

  7. sealed trait IO[+A] extends AnyRef

  8. trait IOFunctions extends IOStd

  9. trait IOInstances extends IOInstances0

  10. trait IOInstances0 extends IOInstances1

  11. trait IOInstances1 extends AnyRef

  12. sealed trait IORef[A] extends AnyRef

    A mutable reference in the IO monad.

  13. trait IORefs extends AnyRef

  14. trait IOStd extends AnyRef

    IO Actions for writing to standard output and and reading from standard input

  15. sealed trait IoExceptionOr[A] extends AnyRef

  16. trait IoExceptionOrFunctions extends AnyRef

  17. sealed trait IvoryTower extends AnyRef

  18. trait IvoryTowers extends AnyRef

  19. trait KleisliCatchIO[M[+_], R] extends MonadCatchIO[[α]Kleisli[M, R, α]] with KleisliLiftIO[M, R] with KleisliMonadReader[M, R]

  20. trait KleisliEffectInstances extends KleisliEffectInstances0

  21. trait KleisliEffectInstances0 extends KleisliEffectInstances1

  22. trait KleisliEffectInstances1 extends KleisliInstances

  23. trait KleisliLiftIO[M[+_], R] extends LiftIO[[α]Kleisli[M, R, α]]

  24. trait LiftControlIO[F[_]] extends AnyRef

  25. trait LiftIO[F[_]] extends AnyRef

  26. trait MonadCatchIO[M[_]] extends MonadIO[M]

  27. sealed trait MonadCatchIOFunctions extends AnyRef

  28. trait MonadControlIO[F[_]] extends LiftControlIO[F] with Monad[F]

  29. trait MonadIO[F[_]] extends LiftIO[F] with Monad[F]

  30. sealed trait RefCountedFinalizer extends AnyRef

  31. trait RefCountedFinalizers extends AnyRef

  32. sealed trait RegionT[S, P[+_], +A] extends AnyRef

    A monad transformer in which scarce resources can be opened.

  33. trait RegionTFunctions extends AnyRef

  34. trait RegionTInstances extends RegionTInstances1

  35. trait RegionTInstances1 extends AnyRef

  36. trait RegionTLiftIO[S, M[+_]] extends LiftIO[[α]RegionT[S, M, α]]

  37. trait RegionTMonad[S, M[+_]] extends Monad[[α]RegionT[S, M, α]]

  38. trait Resource[F] extends AnyRef

  39. sealed trait ST[S, A] extends AnyRef

    Purely functional mutable state threads.

  40. sealed trait STArray[S, A] extends AnyRef

    Mutable array in state thread S containing values of type A.

  41. trait STArrayFunctions extends AnyRef

  42. trait STFunctions extends AnyRef

  43. trait STInstance0 extends AnyRef

  44. trait STInstances extends STInstance0

  45. sealed trait STRef[S, A] extends AnyRef

    Mutable variable in state thread S containing a value of type A.

  46. trait STRefFunctions extends AnyRef

  47. trait STRefInstances extends AnyRef

  48. trait SafeApp extends AnyRef

    A safe alternative to the App trait in the Scala standard library.

  49. trait StateTEffectInstances extends StateTEffectInstances0

  50. trait StateTEffectInstances0 extends StateTInstances

  51. trait StateTLiftIO[M[+_], S] extends LiftIO[[α]IndexedStateT[M, S, S, α]]

Value Members

  1. object Dup extends DupFunctions with DupInstances

  2. object Effect extends Effects

  3. object FinalizerHandle extends FinalizerHandleFunctions

  4. object IO extends IOFunctions with IOInstances

  5. object IORef extends IORefs

  6. object IoExceptionOr extends IoExceptionOrFunctions

  7. object IvoryTower extends IvoryTowers

  8. object LiftControlIO

  9. object LiftIO

  10. object MonadCatchIO extends MonadCatchIOFunctions

  11. object MonadControlIO

  12. object MonadIO

  13. object RefCountedFinalizer extends RefCountedFinalizers

  14. object RegionT extends RegionTFunctions with RegionTInstances

  15. object Resource

  16. object ST extends STFunctions with STInstances

  17. object STArray extends STArrayFunctions

  18. object STRef extends STRefFunctions with STRefInstances

  19. object kleisliEffect extends KleisliEffectInstances

  20. object stateTEffect extends StateTEffectInstances