package std

Type Class instances for data structures in the Scala and Java standard libraries.

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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Type Members

  1. trait AllFunctions extends ListFunctions with OptionFunctions with StreamFunctions with std.math.OrderingFunctions with StringFunctions

  2. trait AllInstances extends AnyValInstances with FunctionInstances with ListInstances with MapInstances with OptionInstances with SetInstances with StringInstances with StreamInstances with TupleInstances with VectorInstances with EitherInstances with PartialFunctionInstances with TypeConstraintInstances with BigDecimalInstances with BigInts with std.math.OrderingInstances with Parsers with with BigIntegerInstances with CallableInstances with NodeSeqInstances

  3. trait AnyValInstances extends AnyRef

  4. trait BooleanFunctions extends AnyRef

  5. trait DoubleFunctions extends AnyRef

  6. trait EitherInstances extends EitherInstances0

  7. trait EitherInstances0 extends AnyRef

  8. trait FloatFunctions extends AnyRef

  9. trait Function1Comonad[M, R] extends Comonad[[α](M) ⇒ α]

  10. trait Function1Monoid[A, R] extends Monoid[(A) ⇒ R] with Function1Semigroup[A, R]

  11. trait Function1Semigroup[A, R] extends Semigroup[(A) ⇒ R]

  12. trait FunctionFunctions extends AnyRef

  13. trait FunctionInstances extends FunctionInstances0

  14. trait FunctionInstances0 extends FunctionInstances1

  15. trait FunctionInstances1 extends AnyRef

  16. trait IndexedSeqEqual[A, Coll <: IndexedSeq[A]] extends Equal[Coll]

  17. trait IndexedSeqInstances extends IndexedSeqInstances0

  18. trait IndexedSeqInstances0 extends AnyRef

  19. trait IndexedSeqSub extends AnyRef

  20. trait IndexedSeqSubFunctions extends IndexedSeqSub

  21. trait IndexedSeqSubIndexedSeq extends IndexedSeqSub

  22. trait IndexedSeqSubInstances extends IndexedSeqInstances0 with IndexedSeqSub

  23. trait IndexedSeqSubOrder[A, Coll <: IndexedSeq[A] with IndexedSeqLike[A, Coll]] extends Order[Coll] with IndexedSeqEqual[A, Coll]

  24. trait IndexedSeqSubVector extends IndexedSeqSub

  25. trait IntFunctions extends AnyRef

  26. trait IterableInstances extends AnyRef

  27. trait ListEqual[A] extends Equal[List[A]]

  28. trait ListFunctions extends AnyRef

  29. trait ListInstances extends ListInstances0

  30. trait ListInstances0 extends AnyRef

  31. trait ListOrder[A] extends Order[List[A]] with ListEqual[A]

  32. trait LongFunctions extends AnyRef

  33. trait MapFunctions extends AnyRef

  34. trait MapInstances extends MapInstances0

  35. trait MapInstances0 extends AnyRef

  36. trait NodeSeqInstances extends AnyRef

  37. trait OptionEqual[A] extends Equal[Option[A]]

  38. trait OptionFunctions extends AnyRef

  39. trait OptionInstances extends OptionInstances0

  40. trait OptionInstances0 extends AnyRef

  41. trait OptionOrder[A] extends Order[Option[A]] with OptionEqual[A]

  42. trait PartialFunctionInstances extends AnyRef

  43. trait SetFunctions extends AnyRef

  44. trait SetInstances extends AnyRef

  45. trait ShortFunctions extends AnyRef

  46. trait StreamFunctions extends AnyRef

  47. trait StreamInstances extends AnyRef

  48. trait StringFunctions extends AnyRef

  49. trait StringInstances extends AnyRef

  50. trait TupleInstances extends TupleInstances1

  51. trait TupleInstances0 extends AnyRef

  52. trait TupleInstances1 extends TupleInstances0

  53. trait TypeConstraintInstances extends AnyRef

  54. trait VectorInstances extends VectorInstances0

  55. trait VectorInstances0 extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object AllFunctions extends AllFunctions

  2. object AllInstances extends AllInstances

  3. object anyVal extends AnyValInstances

  4. object boolean extends BooleanFunctions

  5. object double extends DoubleFunctions

  6. package effect

  7. object either extends EitherInstances

  8. object float extends FloatFunctions

  9. object function extends FunctionFunctions with FunctionInstances

  10. object indexedSeq extends IndexedSeqInstances with IndexedSeqSubFunctions with IndexedSeqSubIndexedSeq

  11. object int extends IntFunctions

  12. object iterable extends IterableInstances

  13. package java

  14. object list extends ListInstances with ListFunctions

  15. object long extends LongFunctions

  16. object map extends MapInstances with MapFunctions

  17. package math

  18. object nodeseq extends NodeSeqInstances

  19. object option extends OptionInstances with OptionFunctions

  20. object partialFunction extends PartialFunctionInstances

  21. object set extends SetInstances with SetFunctions

  22. object short extends ShortFunctions

  23. object stream extends StreamInstances with StreamFunctions

  24. object string extends StringInstances with StringFunctions

  25. object tuple extends TupleInstances

  26. object typeConstraint extends TypeConstraintInstances

  27. package util

  28. object vector extends IndexedSeqSubVector with VectorInstances with IndexedSeqSubFunctions

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