package scalaz

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Type Members

  1. trait Alpha extends AnyRef

  2. trait Alphas extends AnyRef

  3. trait Applicative [Z[_]] extends Pointed[Z] with Apply[Z]

    Defines an applicative functor as described by McBride and Paterson in Applicative Programming with Effects.

  4. class ApplicativeBuilder [M[_], A, B] extends AnyRef

    Not intended for direct use.

  5. trait ApplicativeLow extends AnyRef

  6. trait Apply [Z[_]] extends AnyRef

  7. class ApplyLow extends AnyRef

  8. trait Applys extends AnyRef

  9. trait ArrayByte extends PimpedType[Array[Byte]]

  10. trait ArrayBytes extends AnyRef

  11. trait Arrow [A[_, _]] extends AnyRef

  12. trait BKTree [+A] extends AnyRef

  13. trait BKTrees extends AnyRef

  14. trait Biconstrained [F[_, _], G[_, _], C[_], E[_]] extends AnyRef

    A constrained transformation natural in both sides of a bifunctor

  15. trait Biff [P[_, _], F[_], G[_]] extends AnyRef

  16. trait Bifunctor [F[_, _]] extends AnyRef

    Binary covariant functor.

  17. trait BigIntMultiplication extends NewType[BigInt]

  18. trait BigIntW extends PimpedType[BigInt]

  19. trait BigIntegerMultiplication extends NewType[BigInteger]

  20. trait BigIntegerW extends PimpedType[BigInteger]

  21. trait BigIntegers extends AnyRef

  22. trait BigInts extends AnyRef

  23. trait Bind [Z[_]] extends AnyRef

  24. class BloomFilter extends AnyRef

  25. trait BooleanConjunction extends NewType[Boolean]

  26. trait BooleanConjunctions extends AnyRef

  27. trait BooleanW extends AnyRef

  28. trait Booleans extends AnyRef

  29. trait ByteMultiplication extends NewType[Byte]

  30. trait ByteW extends PimpedType[Byte]

  31. trait Bytes extends AnyRef

  32. trait CanBuildAnySelf [CC[_]] extends AnyRef

  33. trait Category [~>:[_, _]] extends GeneralizedCategory

  34. trait CharMultiplication extends NewType[Char]

  35. trait CharSet extends AnyRef

  36. trait CharSets extends AnyRef

  37. trait CharW extends PimpedType[Char]

  38. trait Chars extends AnyRef

  39. trait Cofree [F[+_], A] extends Nu[F] with Cofree_[F, A]

    Positive cofree corecursion

  40. trait CofreeRec [F[+_], A] extends Mu[F] with CofreeRec_[F, A]

    Positive cofree recursion

  41. trait CofreeRec_ [F[_], A] extends AnyRef

    Cofree recursion

  42. trait Cofree_ [F[_], A] extends Immutable

    Cofree corecursion

  43. trait Cojoin [M[_]] extends AnyRef

  44. trait Cokleisli [W[_], A, B] extends AnyRef

  45. trait Cokleislis extends AnyRef

  46. trait Comonad [W[_]] extends Copointed[W] with Cojoin[W]

  47. trait ComonadLow extends AnyRef

  48. trait Compos [A] extends AnyRef

  49. case class Const [A, +B] (value: A) extends NewType[A] with Product with Serializable

    Used to generate Phantom Applicative Functors and categories from a Monoidal type A

  50. case class Const2 [A, +B, +C] (value: A) extends NewType[A] with Product with Serializable

  51. trait Constrained [F[_], G[_], E[_]] extends AnyRef

    A constrained natural transformation

  52. trait Contravariant [F[_]] extends InvariantFunctor[F]

    Contra-variant function application in an environment.

  53. trait Copointed [C[_]] extends Functor[C] with Copure[C]

  54. trait CopointedLow extends AnyRef

  55. trait Copure [-C[_]] extends AnyRef

  56. trait Digit extends AnyRef

  57. trait Digits extends AnyRef

  58. trait Dinatural [F[_, _], G[_, _]] extends AnyRef

  59. trait Distributes [F[_], G[_]] extends AnyRef

  60. trait Dual [A] extends NewType[A]

    Given a type A that has an instance of the Semigroup type class, the type Dual[A] has a Semigroup instance that reverses the arguments to scalaz.Semigroup#append.

  61. trait Duals extends AnyRef

  62. trait Each [-E[_]] extends AnyRef

  63. trait Empty [E[_]] extends AnyRef

  64. trait Emptys extends AnyRef

  65. trait Endo [A] extends NewType[(A) ⇒ A]

  66. trait Endos extends AnyRef

  67. trait EnumerationW [A] extends PimpedType[Enumeration[A]]

  68. trait Enumerations extends AnyRef

  69. trait Enumerator [F[_]] extends AnyRef

    An Enumerator[F] feeds data from an F to an iteratee

  70. trait EphemeralStream [+A] extends AnyRef

  71. trait Equal [-A] extends AnyRef

    A type safe alternative to { @scala.

  72. trait EqualLow extends AnyRef

  73. trait Equals extends AnyRef

  74. trait Extras extends AnyRef

  75. trait FailProjection [+E, +A] extends AnyRef

  76. case class Failure [E, A] (e: E) extends Validation[E, A] with Product with Serializable

  77. class Finger [V, A] extends AnyRef

    sealed abstract
  78. class FingerTree [V, A] extends AnyRef

    sealed abstract
  79. class FingerTreeIntPlus [A] extends AnyRef

  80. trait FirstLazyOption [A] extends NewType[LazyOption[A]]

  81. trait FirstLazyOptions extends AnyRef

  82. trait FirstOption [A] extends NewType[Option[A]]

  83. trait FirstOptions extends AnyRef

  84. trait Foldable [F[_]] extends AnyRef

    Data structures that can be folded.

  85. trait FoldableLow extends AnyRef

  86. trait Forall [P[_]] extends AnyRef

    A universally quantified value

  87. trait ForallK [K, P[_]] extends AnyRef

  88. trait ForallM [K[_[_]], P[_[_]]] extends AnyRef

  89. case class Four [V, A] (v: V, a1: A, a2: A, a3: A, a4: A, r: Reducer[A, V]) extends Finger[V, A] with Product with Serializable

  90. trait Free [S[+_], +A] extends AnyRef

    A free operational monad for some functor S.

  91. trait FreeFunctions extends AnyRef

  92. trait FreeInstances extends AnyRef

  93. trait Function0W [T] extends AnyRef

  94. trait Function0s extends AnyRef

  95. trait Function1W [T, R] extends AnyRef

  96. trait Function1s extends AnyRef

  97. trait Function2W [T1, T2, R] extends AnyRef

  98. trait Function2s extends AnyRef

  99. trait Functor [F[_]] extends InvariantFunctor[F]

    Covariant function application in an environment.

  100. trait GeneralizedCategory extends AnyRef

  101. trait GeneralizedGroupoid extends GeneralizedCategory

  102. class Generator [C[_]] extends AnyRef

    A Generator[C] is a container of elements, and which knows how to efficiently apply a Reducer to extract an answer by combining elements.

  103. trait Groupoid [~>:[_, _]] extends GeneralizedGroupoid with Category[$tilde$greater$colon]

  104. trait Heap [A] extends AnyRef

  105. trait Hom extends AnyRef

    Defines a category.

  106. trait Identity [A] extends Equals with IdentitySugar[A]

  107. trait IdentitySugar [A] extends AnyRef

  108. trait Identitys extends AnyRef

  109. trait ImmutableArray [+A] extends AnyRef

    An immutable wrapper for arrays

  110. trait Index [-I[_]] extends AnyRef

  111. case class Injective [T[_]] () extends Product with Serializable

    Given Injective[Foo]: If type Foo[A] = Foo[B] then A ~ B

  112. case class Injective2 [T[_, _]] () extends Product with Serializable

  113. case class Injective3 [T[_, _, _]] () extends Product with Serializable

  114. case class Injective4 [T[_, _, _, _]] () extends Product with Serializable

  115. case class Injective5 [T[_, _, _, _, _]] () extends Product with Serializable

  116. trait Input [E] extends AnyRef

    The input to an iteratee.

  117. trait InputStreamW extends PimpedType[InputStream]

  118. trait InputStreams extends AnyRef

  119. trait IntMultiplication extends NewType[Int]

  120. trait IntW extends PimpedType[Int]

  121. trait Ints extends AnyRef

  122. trait InvariantFunctor [F[_]] extends AnyRef

  123. trait IterV [E, A] extends AnyRef

    A pure iteratee computation which is either done or needs more input

  124. trait IterVM [M[_], E, A] extends AnyRef

    Monadic Iteratees

  125. case class Iteratee [M[_], E, A] (value: M[IterVM[M, E, A]]) extends NewType[M[IterVM[M, E, A]]] with Product with Serializable

  126. trait Kleisli [M[_], A, B] extends AnyRef

  127. trait Kleislis extends AnyRef

  128. trait LastLazyOption [A] extends NewType[LazyOption[A]]

  129. trait LastLazyOptions extends AnyRef

  130. trait LastOption [A] extends NewType[Option[A]]

  131. trait LastOptions extends AnyRef

  132. trait LazyOption [+A] extends AnyRef

  133. trait LazyTuple2 [A, B] extends AnyRef

  134. trait LazyTuple3 [A, B, C] extends AnyRef

  135. trait LazyTuple4 [A, B, C, D] extends AnyRef

  136. trait LazyTuples extends AnyRef

  137. trait Leibniz [-L, +H >: L, A >: L <: H, B >: L <: H] extends AnyRef

    Leibnizian equality: A better =:=

  138. trait Length [-L[_]] extends AnyRef

  139. case class Lens [A, B] (get: (A) ⇒ B, set: (A, B) ⇒ A) extends Immutable with Product with Serializable

    Lenses are required to satisfy the following two laws and to be side-effect free.

  140. trait Liskov [-A, +B] extends AnyRef

    Liskov substitutability: A better <:<

  141. class ListT [M[_], A] extends AnyRef

  142. trait ListW [A] extends PimpedType[List[A]]

  143. trait Lists extends AnyRef

  144. trait Logger [L, A] extends NewType[Writer[IndSeq[L], A]]

  145. trait Loggers extends AnyRef

  146. trait LongMultiplication extends NewType[Long]

  147. trait LongW extends PimpedType[Long]

  148. trait Longs extends AnyRef

  149. trait MA [M[_], A] extends PimpedType[M[A]] with MASugar[M, A]

  150. trait MAB [M[_, _], A, B] extends PimpedType[M[A, B]] with MA[[X]M[A, X], B]

  151. trait MABLow extends AnyRef

  152. trait MABs extends MAsLow

  153. trait MAContravariant [M[_], A] extends PimpedType[M[A]] with MAContravariantSugar[M, A]

  154. trait MAContravariantSugar [M[_], A] extends AnyRef

  155. trait MASugar [M[_], A] extends AnyRef

  156. trait MAsLow extends MABLow

  157. trait Memo [K, V] extends AnyRef

  158. trait Memos extends AnyRef

  159. trait MetricSpace [-A] extends AnyRef

  160. trait MetricSpaces extends AnyRef

  161. trait Monad [M[_]] extends Applicative[M] with Bind[M] with Pointed[M]

    Abstract a model that sequences computation through an environment.

  162. trait MonadLow extends AnyRef

  163. trait Monoid [M] extends Zero[M] with Semigroup[M]

    A categorical monoid.

  164. class MonoidLow extends AnyRef

  165. trait Mu [F[+_]] extends Nu[F] with Mu_[F]

    Positive recursion

  166. trait Mu_ [F[_]] extends Immutable

    Possibly negative recursion.

  167. trait Multiplications extends AnyRef

  168. class Name [+A] extends AnyRef

    Call by name

  169. trait Names extends AnyRef

  170. class Need [+A] extends Name[A]

    Call by need

  171. trait NewType [X] extends AnyRef

    Sub class to create a wrapper type for X as documentation that the sub class is a wrapper type used in type class instances.

  172. class Node [V, A] extends AnyRef

    sealed abstract
  173. trait NonEmptyList [+A] extends AnyRef

  174. trait NonEmptyLists extends AnyRef

  175. trait Nu [F[+_]] extends Nu_[F]

    Positive corecursion

  176. trait Nu_ [F[_]] extends Immutable

    Possibly negative corecursion

  177. trait On [P[_, _], F[_]] extends AnyRef

  178. case class One [V, A] (v: V, a1: A, r: Reducer[A, V]) extends Finger[V, A] with Product with Serializable

  179. trait OptionT [M[_], A] extends NewType[M[Option[A]]]

  180. trait OptionTs extends AnyRef

  181. trait OptionW [A] extends PimpedType[Option[A]]

  182. trait Options extends AnyRef

  183. trait Order [-A] extends Equal[A]

  184. trait OrderLow extends AnyRef

  185. trait Ordering extends AnyRef

  186. trait Orders extends AnyRef

  187. trait Paramorphism [P[_]] extends AnyRef

  188. trait PartialApply1Of2 [T[_, _], A] extends AnyRef

    Scala doesn't currently have a way to directly express a type function, such as [A]Either[A, Int].

  189. trait PartialApply1Of3 [T[_, _, _], A] extends AnyRef

  190. trait PartialApply2Of3 [T[_, _, _], A, B] extends AnyRef

  191. trait PartialApply3Of4 [T[_, _, _, _], A, B, C] extends AnyRef

  192. trait PartialApply4Of5 [T[_, _, _, _, _], A, B, C, D] extends AnyRef

  193. trait PartialApply5Of6 [T[_, _, _, _, _, _], A, B, C, D, E] extends AnyRef

  194. trait PartialApply6Of7 [T[_, _, _, _, _, _, _], A, B, C, D, E, F] extends AnyRef

  195. trait PartialApplyK [T[_[_], _, _], M[_]] extends AnyRef

  196. trait PartialApplyKA [T[_[_], _, _], M[_], A] extends AnyRef

  197. trait PartialType2 [T[_[_], _], A[_]] extends AnyRef

    Applies one type argument of two where one of the type arguments has a kind * -> *.

  198. trait PimpedType [X] extends AnyRef

    Sub class to create a wrapper type for X as documentation that the sub class follows the 'pimp my library' pattern.

  199. trait Plus [P[_]] extends AnyRef

  200. trait PlusLow extends AnyRef

  201. trait Pointed [P[_]] extends Functor[P] with Pure[P]

  202. trait PointedLow extends AnyRef

  203. trait Pure [P[_]] extends AnyRef

  204. case class Ranked [A] (rank: Int, value: A) extends Product with Serializable

  205. case class ReaderT [M[_], R, A] (value: (R) ⇒ M[A]) extends NewType[(R) ⇒ M[A]] with Product with Serializable

    Reader monad transformer Can be used to add environment reading capabilities to other monads Note: ReaderT[M,R,A] is isomorphic to Kleisli[M,R,A].

  206. class Reducer [C, M] extends AnyRef

    A Reducer[C,M] is a Monoid[M] that maps values of type C through unit to values of type M.

  207. trait Reducers extends AnyRef

  208. trait Resource [T] extends AnyRef

  209. trait Resources extends AnyRef

  210. trait Semigroup [S] extends AnyRef

    A Semigroup in type S must satisfy two laws:

  211. trait SemigroupLow extends AnyRef

  212. trait Semigroups extends AnyRef

  213. trait ShortMultiplication extends NewType[Short]

  214. trait ShortW extends PimpedType[Short]

  215. trait Shorts extends AnyRef

  216. trait Show [A] extends AnyRef

  217. trait Shows extends AnyRef

  218. trait SinkInstances extends AnyRef

  219. trait SourceInstances extends AnyRef

  220. trait State [S, +A] extends AnyRef

  221. trait StateT [M[_], S, A] extends AnyRef

    State monad transformer

  222. trait States extends AnyRef

  223. class StreamT [M[_], A] extends AnyRef

  224. trait StreamW [A] extends PimpedType[Stream[A]]

  225. trait Streams extends AnyRef

  226. trait StringW extends PimpedType[String]

  227. trait Strings extends AnyRef

  228. case class Success [E, A] (a: A) extends Validation[E, A] with Product with Serializable

  229. case class Three [V, A] (v: V, a1: A, a2: A, a3: A, r: Reducer[A, V]) extends Finger[V, A] with Product with Serializable

  230. trait TrampolineInstances extends AnyRef

  231. trait Traverse [T[_]] extends Functor[T]

  232. trait TraverseLow extends AnyRef

  233. trait Tree [+A] extends AnyRef

    A multi-way tree, also known as a rose tree.

  234. trait TreeLoc [+A] extends AnyRef

    A rose-tree zipper.

  235. trait TreeLocs extends AnyRef

  236. trait Trees extends AnyRef

  237. trait Tuples extends AnyRef

  238. case class Two [V, A] (v: V, a1: A, a2: A, r: Reducer[A, V]) extends Finger[V, A] with Product with Serializable

  239. trait Validation [+E, +A] extends AnyRef

  240. trait Validations extends AnyRef

  241. case class Value [+A] (value: A) extends Need[A] with Product with Serializable

    Call by value

  242. class ViewL [S[_], A] extends AnyRef

    Finger Trees provide a base for implementations of various collection types, as described in "Finger trees: a simple general-purpose data structure", by Ralf Hinze and Ross Paterson.

  243. class ViewR [S[_], A] extends AnyRef

    sealed abstract
  244. trait Writer [W, A] extends NewType[(W, A)]

  245. trait WriterT [M[_], W, A] extends NewType[M[(W, A)]]

  246. trait WriterTs extends AnyRef

  247. trait Writers extends AnyRef

  248. trait Zero [Z] extends AnyRef

    A Zero in type Z provides the identity element for the operation { @link scalaz.

  249. trait Zeros extends AnyRef

  250. trait ZipStream [+A] extends AnyRef

  251. trait ZipStreams extends AnyRef

  252. trait Zipper [+A] extends AnyRef

    Provides a pointed stream, which is a non-empty zipper-like stream structure that tracks an index (focus) position in a stream.

  253. trait Zippers extends AnyRef

  254. trait ~> [F[_], G[_]] extends AnyRef

    A natural transformation between functors F and G

  255. trait ~~> [F[_, _], G[_, _]] extends AnyRef

    A transformation natural in both sides of a bifunctor

Value Members

  1. object Alpha extends AnyRef

  2. object Applicative extends ApplicativeLow

  3. object Apply extends ApplyLow

  4. object Arrow extends AnyRef

  5. object Bifunctor extends AnyRef

  6. object Bind extends AnyRef

  7. object CanBuildAnySelf extends AnyRef

  8. object Category extends AnyRef

  9. object Cofree extends AnyRef

  10. object CofreeRec extends AnyRef

  11. object CofreeRec_ extends AnyRef

  12. object Cofree_ extends AnyRef

  13. object Cojoin extends AnyRef

  14. object Comonad extends ComonadLow

  15. object Comp extends AnyRef

  16. object Contravariant extends AnyRef

  17. object Copointed extends CopointedLow

  18. object Copure extends AnyRef

  19. object Digit extends AnyRef

  20. object EQ extends Ordering with Product with Serializable

  21. object Each extends AnyRef

  22. object Empty extends AnyRef

  23. object EphemeralStream extends AnyRef

  24. object Equal extends EqualLow

  25. object FingerTree extends AnyRef

  26. object Foldable extends FoldableLow

  27. object Forall extends AnyRef

  28. object Free extends FreeFunctions with FreeInstances

  29. object Functor extends AnyRef

  30. object GT extends Ordering with Product with Serializable

  31. object Generator extends AnyRef

  32. object Heap extends AnyRef

  33. object Identity extends AnyRef

  34. object ImmutableArray extends AnyRef

  35. object Index extends AnyRef

  36. object Injectivity extends AnyRef

  37. object InvariantFunctor extends AnyRef

  38. object IterV extends AnyRef

  39. object LT extends Ordering with Product with Serializable

  40. object LazyOption extends AnyRef

  41. object Leibniz extends AnyRef

  42. object Length extends AnyRef

  43. object Lens extends Serializable

  44. object Liskov extends AnyRef

  45. object ListT extends AnyRef

  46. object Logger extends AnyRef

  47. object Main extends AnyRef

  48. object Monad extends MonadLow

  49. object Monoid extends MonoidLow

  50. object Mu extends AnyRef

  51. object Mu_ extends AnyRef

  52. object Name extends AnyRef

  53. object Need extends AnyRef

  54. object NewType extends AnyRef

  55. object NonEmptyList extends NonEmptyLists

  56. object Nu extends AnyRef

  57. object Nu_ extends AnyRef

  58. object OptionT extends AnyRef

  59. object Order extends AnyRef

  60. object Paramorphism extends AnyRef

  61. object PimpedType extends AnyRef

  62. object Plus extends PlusLow

  63. object Pointed extends PointedLow

  64. object Prod extends AnyRef

  65. object Pure extends AnyRef

  66. object ReaderT extends Serializable

  67. object Resource extends AnyRef

  68. object Scalaz extends Actors with Alphas with Applys with ArrayBytes with BigIntegers with BigInts with BKTrees with Booleans with BooleanConjunctions with Bytes with Chars with CharSets with Cokleislis with Digits with Duals with Effects with Emptys with Endos with Enumerations with Equals with Extras with FirstOptions with FirstLazyOptions with Function0s with Function1s with Function2s with Kleislis with Identitys with InputStreams with Ints with LastOptions with LastLazyOptions with LazyTuples with Lists with Loggers with Longs with MABs with MetricSpaces with Memos with Multiplications with Names with NonEmptyLists with Options with OptionTs with Orders with Promises with Reducers with Resources with Semigroups with IndSeqs with Ropes with Shorts with Shows with States with Streams with Strings with Trees with Tuples with TreeLocs with Writers with WriterTs with Validations with Zeros with Zippers with ZipStreams

  69. object Semigroup extends SemigroupLow

  70. object Show extends AnyRef

  71. object Sink extends SinkInstances

  72. object Source extends SourceInstances

  73. object StreamT extends Extras

  74. object Trampoline extends TrampolineInstances

  75. object Traverse extends TraverseLow

  76. object Validation extends AnyRef

  77. object Writer extends AnyRef

  78. object WriterT extends AnyRef

  79. object Zero extends AnyRef

  80. package concurrent

  81. package effects

  82. package example

  83. package geo

  84. package http

  85. package scalacheck