package scalaz

/** Given Injective[Foo]: If type Foo[A] = Foo[B] then A ~ B 
  * This represents an assertion that is used by other code that requires this condition.
case class Injective [T[_]]() 
case class Injective2[T[_,_]]()
case class Injective3[T[_,_,_]]()
case class Injective4[T[_,_,_,_]]()
case class Injective5[T[_,_,_,_,_]]()

object Injectivity { 
  implicit def EitherInjective     = Injective2[Either]
  implicit def EitherRightProjectionInjective = Injective2[Either.RightProjection]
  implicit def EitherLeftProjectionInjective = Injective2[Either.LeftProjection]
  implicit def FractionalInjective = Injective[Fractional]
  implicit def Function0Injective  = Injective[Function0]
  implicit def Function1Injective  = Injective2[Function1]
  implicit def Function2Injective  = Injective3[Function2]
  implicit def Function3Injective  = Injective4[Function3]
  implicit def Function4Injective  = Injective5[Function4]
  implicit def IndexedSeqInjective = Injective[IndexedSeq]
  implicit def IntegralInjective   = Injective[Integral]
  implicit def IterableInjective   = Injective[Iterable]
  implicit def IteratorInjective   = Injective[Iterator]
  implicit def ListInjective       = Injective[List]
  implicit def OptionInjective     = Injective[Option]
  implicit def PartialFunctionInjective = Injective2[PartialFunction]
  implicit def PartialOrderingInjective = Injective[PartialOrdering]
  implicit def Product1Injective   = Injective[Product1]
  implicit def Product2Injective   = Injective2[Product2]
  implicit def Product3Injective   = Injective3[Product3]
  implicit def Product4Injective   = Injective4[Product4]
  implicit def Product5Injective   = Injective5[Product5]
  implicit def SetInjective        = Injective[Set]
  implicit def Tuple2Injective     = Injective2[Tuple2]
  implicit def Tuple3Injective     = Injective3[Tuple3]
  implicit def Tuple4Injective     = Injective4[Tuple4]
  implicit def Tuple5Injective     = Injective5[Tuple5]
  implicit def ValidationInjective = Injective2[Validation]
  implicit def StreamInjective     = Injective[Stream]