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The Equal type class describes a type which can be compared for observational equality.

A Equal must satisfy the following laws:

  • Reflexivity:
    • x === x for any x.
  • The indiscernibility of identicals:
    • For any x and y, if x === y, then x and y are indiscernable
  • The identity of indiscernibles:
    • For any x and y, if x and y are indiscernable, then x === y

Indiscernability formalizes the intuitive notion of two objects having the exact same properties. Two values x, y: A are indiscernable if there exists no function f: A => Boolean such that f(x) is true and f(y) is false.

These laws entail symmetry and transitivity, which should be easier to test, since they don’t universally quantify over all possible predicates in the language:

  • Symmetry:
    • x === y if and only if y === x
  • Transitivity
    • if x === y and y === z, then x === z

Instance declaration

scala> import scalaz._
import scalaz._

scala> import Scalaz._
import Scalaz._

scala> List(1, 2, 3) === List(1, 2, 3)
res0: Boolean = true